Where can you do paid charity work abroad?

Where can you do paid charity work abroad?

If you’re going to do work, then choosing employment with a charity is an admirable choice. However, a lot of charity work is volunteering, and volunteer jobs often do not get paid. Luckily, there are many countries around the world that are desperate for foreign workers to fulfil their positions.

But first you need to consider whether it is short term or long term work. Short term work usually involves only working for the summer or winter periods and these jobs tend to only last from around 3-6 months. Long term roles are over 6 months or more of work. If you’re a student on break from university then short term work is the usual choice.

Also you might want to look out for charities which offer free accommodation and meals during your stay. This might involve living in a dorm room or staying with a host family.

Now’s the interesting part, what types of paid charity work is available. Popular destinations include:

  • USA – working for camp America during the summer is fun and profitable. There are many charity summer camps that exist and help children with disabilities to enjoy their summer. Also, it is big business and plenty of employees are hired. Plus there’s a wide variety of different non-charity work to choose from as well: Christian camps, adventure camps, fat camps and more! Take your pick.
  • Australia – It’s easy for an English citizen to get a temporary working visa for Australia. This is especially true if you have some skills which the Australian job market are lacking. Popular charity work over there includes looking after coral reefs and working with animals which have been injured.
  • Kenya – has its own turtle research program. You get to look heal sick turtles and protect their eggs from being stolen. Important scientific research is also being carried out.

Other paid charity work abroad you might consider:

  • The Amazon rainforest has a number of charities which are constantly fighting to preserve the environment. This work is vital to the world’s future as future generations will have to deal with the effects of dangerous levels of global warming that will occur if the “earth’s lungs” are not protected.
  • Work in available in Italy which includes caring for dolphins and sea mammals. Hosted near the Ligurian Sea you get to aid a number of scientists who are learning about one of nature’s most intelligent animals.
  • Africa has a number of programs which have people suffering from HIV/AIDS. This job is not for the faint hearted and only thick skinned and passionate persons should apply.
  • China – pretty much any part of this country needs foreign English teachers. The problem with the Chinese education system is that they spend a long time learning how to read and write English. However, because they lack a large amount of native English speakers, their language skills can be pretty terrible. That’s why native English speakers are in such high demand, especially with charity workers.

Look, there is a variety of opportunities available for paid charity work abroad. Just keep in mind that the better the opportunity is, the more people want to work there. And the more people want to work there, the less the charity will be willing to pay you. That’s why it’s worth spending that little bit of extra time trying to discover less known charity opportunities.